Join us for the JETAARM 2021 Virtual Shinnenkai Watch Party!

Saturday, February 27, 2021,  6:00-9:00pm + virtual nijikai

This year’s Shinnenkai will include a virtual screening of the 2019 critically acclaimed Japanese anime film Weathering With You (English dubbed) (IMDb). 

JETAARM is providing takeout meal reimbursement – up to $20/person or $35/family(plus-ones are ok!).

This movie screening and takeout reimbursement for this event is limited to JETAARM members only. If you are a JET Alum in the Rocky Mountain region (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming) and you haven’t signed up as a member yet – please sign up here

Reserve your spot by signing up on Eventbrite (select a free General Admission ticket) – spots are limited

To attend the Virtual Shinnenkai on February 27th:

  1. Before the event:
    1. Register for the event here on Eventbrite. Registration is free. If you are not a registered member of JETAARM, please sign-up here.
    2. On the day of the event, rent the film Weathering with You (English Version) from Amazon. You will need a free Amazon account but don’t need Prime. You will pay the rental cost of $4.99, but you’ll be reimbursed by JETAARM (see more on rental reimbursement procedures below). Make sure you rent the English version of the film linked above. If you rent the Japanese version, we won’t be able to add you to the Amazon Watch Party.
  2. For the event:
    1. The Shinnenkai will start at 6:00pm with the first 30 minutes a virtual reception. Plan to have your takeout or delivery at your computer between 6:00-6:30pm (see more on takeout reimbursement procedures below).
    2. When you are ready, click the Zoom link which will be provided upon registration.
    3. The virtual film screening will begin at approximately 7:00pm, but please join as soon as you are ready after 6:00pm for introductions and virtual kampai!
    4. In the Zoom call, a link to the Amazon Watch Party will be provided. You must have rented the film Weathering with You (English Version) in order to be added to the Watch Party.
    5. Enjoy the film! We’ll be wrapping up the film at approximately 9:00pm.
    6. Stay tuned for details about virtual nijikai!
  3. After the event:
    1. Submit takeout and rental receipts to JETAARM via email:
      1. Up to $20/individual and $35/family or plus-one for takeout.
      2. $4.99 for film rental from Amazon.
    2. Receive reimbursement from JETAARM!**

**Submission of receipts must be received by JETAARM no later than March 7, 2021. Preferred reimbursement method is VENMO, but other arrangements can be made. Reimbursement will be within 10 days of receipt submission. More details on reimbursement procedures can be found below and will be provided after registration and again after the event. 

Of course, there will also be a nijikai, which is open to the worldwide JETAA Community! (more details on nijikai to follow)

Technical Details

JETAARM will be hosting the Shinnenaki on Zoom and screening the film on Amazon Watch Party (Zoom link will be shared by email before the event). Amazon Watch Party will allow us to interact with each other during the screening (more details on Amazon Watch Party can be found here). You will also need to personally rent the English dubbed version of Weathering With You for $4.99. Rental fees will be reimbursed by JETAARM!  

Takeout Meal Reimbursement

JETAARM is providing takeout meal reimbursement – up to $20/person or $35/family. If you bring a plus-one to the party, you’ll be eligible for the family rate. The takeout meal is intended to be consumed during the Shinnenkai by event participants. While we’d love to see your cooking, reimbursement for this event will be for restaurant takeout only. Because Shinnenkai is a Japanese tradition, we ask that you please consider supporting one of your favorite local Japanese restaurants! See below for details on reimbursement.

Reimbursement Procedures

Reimbursement for food purchases and movie rental is for event participants. To receive reimbursement, you must be a JETAARM member and have attended the event. Detailed below is the procedure for receiving the reimbursements.  This information will be shared again after the event takes place. The main purpose here is to address any concerns or questions.

  1. JETAARM will be using Venmo to reimburse the cost of takeout and movie rental directly to each participant (more information about how to sign up for a Venmo account here). However, if you are unable to use Venmo, you will be reimbursed by bank transfer (ACH).
  2. Emailed screenshots of digital or hard copy receipts are required for reimbursement. Beyond takeout and movie rental receipts, other information is required:
    1. If using Venmo, the Venmo username and/or scan code of the participant.
    2. If you are unable to use Venmo, the necessary bank account information for a bank transfer (most likely an account number and routing number). 
  3. The cost of the food is limited to $20/person or $35/family. If your order is more than the reimbursement amount, you’ll receive the full reimbursement amount ($25/person or $35/family). If your order is less than the reimbursement amount, you’ll only receive the amount on the receipt. JETAARM recommends that you get your receipt data electronically. If you purchase food from a restaurant that only provides physical receipts, you will need to scan and email the original to JETAARM.
  4. The cost of renting Weathering With You on Amazon Prime is $4.99. Include a screenshot of your rental receipt for reimbursement.

Please send your takeout receipt, rental receipt, and Venmo (or ACH) data to the following e-mail address:


Subject: JETAARM Shinnenkai Reimbursement

The deadline to submit materials for reimbursement is March 7, 2021. No applications will be accepted after the deadline. Please allow up to one week after submission to receive the reimbursement in your account.