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Learn about the JETAARM Board

Date: 2:00pm Sunday,  February 18th @ Rayback Collective – 2775 Valmont Road, Boulder CO 80304

Curious what it’s like being a board member of JETAARM? Come join us next Sunday, February 18th, to meet the board, find out what we do, and learn how else you can get involved! This meeting will be held in Boulder, so if you’re in the area we’d love to meet you.

Also, we have some plans to introduce subcommittees so that there are more opportunities for JETs to be involved at the board level. Imagine an “Outdoors Subcommittee” for those that love to hike or a “Sempai Committee” to bring in JETs who have established in their careers and don’t have as much time anymore to be quite so involved.

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Nengajo Workshop – Make Japanese New Year Cards!

The JET Alumni Associaation (JETAARM and the Japan American Society of Colorado (JASC) are proud ro present a workshop for making your very own Japanese New Year’s Card. 2018 will be the year of the Dog.

Surprise your friends back in Japan, or give your friends here in the US something unique for New Years. Participants are welcome to come between 1:30 and 3:30 to make a card, as long as our supplies last. For the detail oriented, come early to get all that creative energy spent. See you there!

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Tsukimi Welcome Back Party



Join us in wishing an “okaerinasai” to the recently returned JETs at our Tsukimi picnic! Friends and family are welcome to join us for , tabemono (food), hot tea and, of course, moon viewing! JETAARM will also have some food in tow.

Find our Facebook event here:
Comment on what you will bring so we can all work together.

We are currently planning on a Taiko performance, details are still being worked on. We will update once we have everything sorted.

Where: Chautauqua Park in Boulder, the lower park area near Baseline Road. We will be flying our JETAARM Nobori Flags and should be easy to spot.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

May Third* Sunday – Monthly Networking Happy Hour at Akihabara Arcade

Date: Sunday, May 21 @ Akihabara Arcade & Bar 8901 S. Harlan St.

May’s Networking Nomikai is dedicated to the Otaku in all of us. So we will be checking out Akihabara (!) in Wesminister. Note that we are meeting up on the THIRD sunday of the month so that we aren’t in conflict with mother’s day.

There will also be a board meeting from 12-2 before the Nomikai to talk about the Q&A session and the Predeparture Session for the 2017 JETs. Want to be involved in seeing them off? Come and help out 🙂

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