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JETAA Rocky Mountain (JETAARM) is a not-for-profit volunteer organization, managed by a team of officers who run the day-to-day activities of the organization, which covers Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico. We do not have any paid employees, staff, or any offices.

If you need to contact us regarding JETAARM matters, please email president [at]

If you would like to contact us about any events, please email events [at] jetaarockymountain,org

If you need to contact us regarding the website, please email webmaster [at]

Meet the 2016-2017 board

President – Adam Lisbon
Vice-President – Van Milton
Treasurer – Michael Mattson
Secretary – Taylor Pearce
Newsletter Editor – Erin King
Webmaster – Charles St. John
Northern Colorado / Wyoming Subchapter Rep. – Lauren Maso

adamAdam Lisbon, President

president [at]
Kobe-shi ALT, 2004-2007



Joe Mecha, Vice President
vicepresident [at]
Nagano ALT, 2010-2016



Michael Mattson, TreasurerMichael
treasurer [at]
Saitama-ken ALT, 2011-2016



taylorTaylor Pearce, Secretary
secretary [at]
Kagoshima-ken ALT, 2011-2016



John McMillen, Co-Newsletter Editor
newsletter [at]
Fukui ALT, 2006-2008



Kim McMillen, Co-Newsletter Editor
newsletter [at]
Fukui ALT, 2006-2008



Charles St. John, Webmastercharles
webmaster [at]
Tottori-shi ALT, 2015-2016.



Teri Galvez, Event & Social Media Coordinator
events [at]
Hokkaido ALT, 2016-2017.



Lauren Maso, Northern Colorado / Wyoming Subchapter Representativelauren
noco [at]
Saitama-ken ALT, 2007-2010.
I’m currently in Fort Collins so if you’re a fellow Northern Colorado JET alum feel free to get in touch with me! Also check out my website at

Miguel Roman: New Mexico Sub-Chapter Rep
nm [at]
Mie ALT, 2016-2017.